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Think Again is a four member, d.i.y. punk/hardcore band from Saratoga Springs, NY. We've been around since October 1997. Our first release 7", called Plastic People, was put out on Prophecy Records. Our next 7", Life of Apathy, will be out by our July '99 tour from Buddhakat Records. The members are: Nick Social (20)-vocals; Steve Bodai (35)-bass,vocals; Alisa Umholtz (21)-drums,vocals; Brian Linehan (23)-guitar,vocals.

Steve and Alisa started playing together back in 1993 with Alisa on guitar, Steve on bass, and a vocalist/guitar player/songwriter, named Spencer. Eventually, a more serious band formed called DRIP when Alisa learned to play drums and Nick later joined on rhythm guitar. Spencer left the band in September of '96 and Nick, Steve, and Alisa formed a band with the intention of changing the music and lyric style. In November '96, Brian joined, and hence the band, Think Again.

Nick writes the lyrics, and Alisa writes the music with the exception of Brian sometimes writing a couple of the more hardcore influenced songs lyrically and musically. We've recorded a 6 song seven inch, and also a live show recorded at Backstreet Billiards Pool Hall in Saratoga Springs, NY. In July '98, we toured with Empire Falls, an aggressive hardcore band from Greensboro, NC. The tour ended up being lame when Empire Falls broke up for the meantime, and we were left with no show information. The tour we are doing July/August '99 is being planned by us, and will be between eastern MA and Chicago, IL.

As of the moment, we finished recording 5 songs for our upcoming 7", and we will be on a compilation based out of upstate NY with other local bands, and are also playing some area shows. Our short-term goals are to 1) play as many shows as we can, locally and out of the area, 2) continue planning our two week summer tour, and 3) finish our next release, 'Life of Apathy'. Our long-term goals are to 1) work on new songs for a future CD, and 2) continue to influence our audience with our message of being positive, pro-community, and drug and alcohol free. We prefer playing all ages shows.

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