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Well, we're back one week early from our less than perfect tour, basically because it sucked. Venues closed and canceled on us and a lot of shit fell through. 4 out of 5 shows sucked within a 10 day period, so we decided to call it quits since we were going to lose money the rest of the tour. So, that was our lovely Think Again tour of '99. We gotta say, there were some highlights of it, like hanging out at beaches and meeting some cool people and wondering what's gonna happen next, but I guess it just got kinda old.

Anyways, here's the rest of the latest news. It's probably not news that all of you Think Again fans wanted to hear, but the band's going through some member changes at the moment and we're not really sure when the next show will be played if ever. Steve quit the band because he needs to spend more time with his family and his job and stuff that people do. Alisa quit the band because of lack of time and lack of motivation to be able to continue with the effort that was put forth since the beginning. As far as we know, Brian will continue for a bit, but is not sure how long, and Nick is looking to find band members.

We've finished the recording for our upcoming 5 song 7" 'Life of Apathy'. The test pressing is complete and we're just waiting for the manufacturing.

Look for the 'Upstate NY Punk Compilation' coming out soon. Think Again will be contributing a new song 'Belong'. Other bands on the comp will be The Disenchanted, Maybe Later, Jack Kavorkian and the Suicide Junkees, Police Line, Maul Security, The Bagabums, Ill Fated Youth, Brainstaple, Switchflip, Johnny Apple Cock, Distorted Image, and the 27's.

We got a label/distro to help us out, Buddhakat Records. Thanks Sean and Josh!

More links! We need more band, label, and distro pages to be linked with. If you are any one of these, check out our site, and contact me to exchange links!

We're still looking for anybody that has any show flyers, pictures of us or other bands, or anything to do with the local scene, please talk to us.

That's it for now. I will keep updating this page, so come back soon!

Think Again