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my parents told me that there was a God up in the sky
that I had to worship to receive salvation when I died
but when their superstitious traditions were challenged
my sacrilegious soul was sentenced to an eternal damnation

I don't need your assistance
I can think for myself
I don't need your assistance
I never asked for your help
I don't need your assistance
keep your opinions to yourself
I don't need your assistance
I can think for myself

my gender told me in order for me to be a man
that I had to try to fuck as many women as I can
never treating them as equals but objects to be desired
not as human beings but property to be aquired

I never bought that bullshit, I never believed those lies
and I'll never let your mores mis-direct me in my life
I reject the senseless dogma that I have been shown
I don't need your assistance, I can think on my own


as people age in our society
gradually we rob them of their dignity
by kidnapping them from their homes
and locking them in hospitals
with expensive pills and cold white floors
so that they won't burden us anymore

a generation disposed by one plagued with indifference
reduced to human guinea pigs once we outlive our usefullness
while family and friends do their best to forget the elderly they love
once they become inconvenient

pharmaceutical corporations both cut-throat and ruthless
produce new medications expensive and useless
deteriorating lives are all they have to offer
profit margins rising while they let the dying suffer


I don't want to hang with you
because I got better things to do
than smoking dope, sniffing glue
and acting all depressed
I always see you hanging out
I guess you still haven't figured out
because you tell me I'm missing out
missing out on what?

going nowhere slow and getting older fast
how long before your future's part of your fading past?
I look at you and wonder where you'll be in ten years
so have your fun because I'll be gone and you'll still be sitting here

you never have anywhere to be
you just sit around and watch t.v.
day after day, too stoned to see
that you life's a fucking mess
dirty hair and blood-shot eyes
always burnt-out all the time
you dog me with that stoners smile
but at least I have somewhere to go


fuck your scene
I want no part in it
and I'm not intimidated by your macho bullshit
you and your trendy friends are pathetic little sheep
too eager to defend the gang mentality

you glare at me with contempt
safe within your social clique
a lame tough guy act to impress your friends
you won't take a stand unless someone disses your band
or your hard-line straight-edge stance

adidas shoes and sick-of-it-all tattoos
you're matching to a "t"
in your baggy pants and painted hands
proud of your blind conformity

homophobes with microphones
are chanting unity
but your ignorance and violence
have no place in our community

hardcore's not about
kicking ass in the pit or rocking out
do you even understand what this movement's about


the entertainment industry puts plastic people on t.v.
when real one's sleep on the same streets that we buy people magazine
living out our fantasies of premiere parties and limousines
while they create and sedate a pacified society

the masses, dazzled by the lights
dumb fucks, star struck by media hype
this hero worship is mindless bullshit
keep your products, I don't want them

movie stars in fast sports cars
expensive drugs and barbie dolls
it's just another night out on the town
for pop-cultures sacred cows
their lifestyles are adored but I'm disgusted and appalled
we care more about celebrities than starving human beings


Will you fight
For the things that you believe in
Is it easier
Just to see what you want to see
When we lie
To ourselves we reconstruct reality
But what's the purpose
If our lives become fantasy

Opening your eyes
Isn't always easy
Without the strength
To face the truth

All the people
So afraid to see beyond
The comfort and security
Reassurance of deception
Are the beliefs that we cling to
The same truths that we perceive?
When we choose to shut our eyes
We affirm lies that we believe

Don't let the fear
Pull you down
Synthesized beliefs won't save you here
Don't let the fear 
Pull you down
If you know whats right in your heart
The truth will be clear

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